About Clear View Building Services Inc.

Our roots and mission...

Clear View Building Services, Inc. started in 2000 as a Janitorial Services company. The objective then was the same as it is today……. support our clients in a dynamic manner to become a value add as a vital teammate in their organization.

Our management team helped Clear View expand from a small one dimensional company to the multi-faceted service provider we are today. We have evolved into a Full Service Commercial Maintenance company that provides Building Maintenance Services throughout the Tri State Area. 

Our reputation in the industry is strong and we are seen as a quality teammate with unique vision and attention to detail. CVBS serves every kind of business, from multi-family residential properties to commercial and industrial operations, retail, healthcare and more.

Our Management team and field staff consists of professionals with years of experience. We have detailed estimators, respectful project managers, licensed technicians and superior team members who enable us to serve our customers and meet all of their needs. All Clear View Building Services' employees undergo detailed background checks. In the end, if you are looking to add to your team, Clear View Building Services brings the experience, financial stability and resources needed to exceed all expectations.

The Clear View Building Maintenance Philosophy 

Our business is making your life easier, and that is exactly what customers say about Clear View Building Services. They are free to concentrate on their core business because they can trust us to keep their property in tip-top shape. We’ve earned that trust time and time again by sticking to three guiding philosophies:

  1. Treat every property like your mother was coming for a visit.
  2. Treat every person with respect, because everyone’s job matters.
  3. Treat every customer like they were your last, and they won’t be.

Our technical knowledge, efficient management team and expert technicians strive to meet the need of building owners, developers, property managers, architects and engineers.

Our team doesn’t just have highly skilled professionals but people of quality that you can trust and develop strong business relationships with. Whether they are on staff or a sub-contractor, we have the same set of standards that we look to meet:

  1. Highly skilled and knowledgeable in their area of expertise
  2. Quality people of high integrity
  3. Good team players that will interact well with other workers and our clients

Whether Interior or Exterior, Carpentry or Plumbing, many of the area’s top companies are turning to CVBS for Building Services Management. They know that they will  receive top quality work, that they are working with a company of integrity they can trust,  that prides itself on response time and communication, and a company that treat each assignment with care and pride . 

We build more than structures, we build lasting relationships. CVBS is committed to providing the highest quality work for our clients in every area and meeting all standards.

Commercial Building Maintenance Services throughout the New York Tri-State Area.