Building Maintenance – What You Need to Know

What is Building Maintenance? Building maintenance includes a wide variety of tasks depending on the particular business or organization. At Clear View Building Services, we offer the following facility maintenance services: Additional Value-Added Services: Our building maintenance team handles all the systems, repairs, and ongoing tasks to keep a facility running each and every day…. Read More

Fall To-Do List for your Property!

Clear View Tips & Tricks: How to Prepare your Facility for the Fall Season. Essential commercial property maintenance for fall should always include work on assets that involve safety. Make sure to inspect all outdoor assets and make any repairs as needed before the winter months. It will be much more bearable to work outdoors… Read More

Importance of Parking Lot Markings

Why should parking lots be re-striped when paint begins to fade? Parking lot striping/markings help ensure an organized flow of traffic in the parking lot. The bright lines marking out parking spaces, arrows for entrances and exits, directional flow indicators, fire lanes, and handicap line-markings guide drivers and pedestrians for smooth traffic flow. Unfortunately, line-markings… Read More

How To Improve Your Construction Safety Checklist

Safety and health is the top priority on any construction. From potential falls and scaffolding to electrical hazards, you need to give your workers the best protection and resources. One of the best ways to improve safety at work is by filling out construction safety checklists. These checklists make sure your workers are meeting safety… Read More

Parking Lot Patching Importance

When running a business, it is easy to overlook parking lot maintenance. However, the quality and condition of your parking lot can have a significant impact on how customers perceive your company. Regular parking lot maintenance can keep your parking facilities in the best condition by protecting your lot from damage and increasing its longevity…. Read More

Rust Removal Using F9 BARC

F9 BARC is specifically formulated to remove BOTH orange battery acid staining AND rust stains. This includes the entire spectrum of the rust family: thin, thick, topical, embedded, and fertilizer staining. It is easy to apply and does not require scrubbing, brushing, or elbow grease. About the F9 BARC Concrete Rust Remover F9 BARC is… Read More

Building Exterior Cleaning Importance

Cleaning your business’s exterior may not seem of importance to you, but there are important reasons to keep it in its’ best shape. 5 Reasons Why Cleaning Your Building Exterior is Necessary: Your building’s exterior is your customers first impression of your business. It’s important to ensure your building is not covered in dirt and… Read More

Cleaning Safety with CVBS

At Clear View Building Services, we understand the importance of safety during cleaning. From the obvious hazards, such as wet floors, to the not so obvious, such as mixing ammonia and bleach, CVBS adheres to a strict safety regimen during each cleaning service. Cleaners are exposed to powerful and potentially dangerous chemicals when using cleaning… Read More

New York City and Long Island Waste Removal Changes

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) announced proposed regulations for review to further protect public and the environment by making significant changes to several of the State’s current regulations governing the management of solid waste. The proposed changes to improve solid waste management include but are not limited to: Source:

How-To Prepare a Property Budget for the Year

Clear View Building Services offers 3 useful tips to help you win your organization’s limited budget. 1. Create a Property Management Budget Schedule Gathering vendor proposals and deciding on next year’s projects always takes longer than you think. Position yourself for success by creating a schedule ahead of time with fixed internal deadlines.  2. Use… Read More