Importance of Parking Lot Markings

Why should parking lots be re-striped when paint begins to fade?

Parking lot striping/markings help ensure an organized flow of traffic in the parking lot. The bright lines marking out parking spaces, arrows for entrances and exits, directional flow indicators, fire lanes, and handicap line-markings guide drivers and pedestrians for smooth traffic flow.

Unfortunately, line-markings aren’t permanent. Although the paint used is incredibly durable, even the best markings fade and lose visibility over time due to traffic and the elements.

4 Reasons Parking Lot Re-Striping is Important:

  1. Reduce incidents and liabilities
  2. Compliance with ADA requirements
  3. Compliance with fire codes
  4. Improved appearance and customer satisfaction

Re-striping, whenever the markings wear out, can help reverse the effects of fading. Regular re-striping, every 24-36 months, in line with industry best practices, is also beneficial. Contact Clear View Building Services at (866) 649-0555 for a free estimate today!


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