Parking Lot Services, Sealcoating and Concrete Services

Commercial Concrete Services

Concrete sidewalks and structures need to be replaced periodically for two main reasons, settling or salt damage. At Clear View Building Services we take care of all your commercial concrete needs including:

  • Sidewalk Replacement
  • Retaining walls
  • ADA Concrete Work
  • New Curb
  • Sidewalk Flag Replacement
  • Exterior Capital Improvements

For commercial concrete work Clear View also does heavy construction and large scale projects for commercial office buildings, airport facilities, shopping centers, malls, parking facilities and parking garages, train and subway stations and platforms.  At Clear View Building Services we know that:

  • Reinforced concrete sidewalks are the most common and popular choice for commercial construction today.
  • Enhancing curb appeal of both architecture and function for retail and office buildings
  • Sidewalks are a good investment for those who want to make their properties not only more efficient, but more appealing, safe and functional as well.

Parking Lot Services

At Clear View we utilize the latest state of the art technology and equipment available today when providing parking lot repairs and services. Among the work we do: 

  • Asphalt Repairs Services - Auto grade and slope for stone and asphalt installation to insure uniform depth and distribution of base materials and asphalt mixes. We only use Commercial Class paving machines and compaction equipment.
  • Milling Services - Milling out for proper grade and slope, Milling at transition points, curb/gutter etc...  Milling of failed areas for repairs prior to overlaying. Complete milling out, repair, and resurfacing.
  • Overlay Services - With regards to resurfacing or overlay of your existing Parking Lot, based upon the current condition, given the proper repairs, you can achieve a brand new Parking Lot at a significantly lower price as compared to removal and replacement of your old Parking Lot.
  • Hardware/Drain Adjustments - if needed, we will handle this as well
  • Line Striping Services - We do lines, and our stripers are some of the best in the business!
  • ADA Services - When a business restripes a parking lot there are requirements that must be met
  • Construction of new parking lots from the ground up - That's right...clearing leveling and new parking lot!

Sealcoating Services

Protect your new asphalt parking lot from the elements with a protective coat of sealer. Keep your asphalt looking like new and add to its life. We use only the highest quality materials available.  Every job neatly trimmed, and material meticulously applied by professionals.

  • Fill in all cracks using direct fire with a hot tar. 
  • Apply Commercial grade heavy asphalt sealer.
  • Re-stripe Parking Facility as existing, including all parking stalls, handicap stalls & hash zone.

Commercial Building Maintenance Services throughout the New York Tri-State Area.