Commercial Carpet & Commercial Flooring Cleaning Services


If you need new carpet or flooring we are the people to speak to. We have a large stock of patterns and surfaces to choose from. If you need a custom look, say to match corporate standards we can do too. We will copy your specs and provide a match, many times at a fraction of the cost your have paid in the past for carpet or flooring. We are proud to be affiliated with Mohawk carpet and flooring, however we can provide any manufacturer or flooring type.


To extend the life of your carpet or flooring it is important that the surface is properly maintained. ClearView will vacuum carpets and mop or polish tile and other flooring. Periodically carpets will need to be steam cleaned, or shampooed and tile and flooring should be cleaned, waxed or polished. ClearView will expertly provide these services.


Accidents happen, when they do call on ClearView. We have the expertise to remove spots, clean stains and make your floor as good as new again. We can even patch carpet or replace a tile. If your carpet needs to be stretched, we can do that too.

Commercial Building Maintenance Services throughout the New York Tri-State Area.