Commercial Metal and Commercial Marble Cleaning Services

The Haritage Club at Bathpage - Marble Floor Remodel from Clear View Building Services on Vimeo.

Metal Maintenance

    Metal Refinishing

    - Elevators, Cabs, Revolving Doors, Lobby Interiors, Entranceways, Building Exterior, Facades, Signage

    Metal Painting

    - Curtain Wall, Window Mullions, Vestibule Frames, Doors and Frames


    - Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Chrome, Copper, Nickel, Stainless Steel)

    Hardware Restoration

    - Door Hardware, Fireplace Hardware, Brass Beds, etc

    Copper Retinning

    - General Repairs (Welding, Brazing, Soldering)

    Cold Stripping Baths and Media Blasting

    - Paint and Rust Removal

Marble Maintenance

    Installation, restoration and maintenance of granite, marble, terrazzo and other stone finishes.

    Marble/Granite Polishing

    - Cleaning and buffing will restore shine to your lackluster marble or granite.

    Marble/Granite Diamondizing

    - Remove surface scratches by Diamondizing, a minimum of six-steps of diamond honing, different grit diamond pads are used to remove layers of the stone restoring its original brilliance.

    Terrazzo Polishing or Crystallization

    - ClearView can also return terrazzo to its original finish by Crystallization. This multiple step process strips any dirt and old finishes from the surface. The floor is machine-buffed using a special diamond polishing procedure that causes the crystals in the terrazzo to pop. The floor is then buffed to a glass-like appearance and protected with a unique formulation to preserve the finish.

Commercial Building Maintenance Services throughout the New York Tri-State Area.