Commercial snow & ice removal using the BOSS Snowrator

Commercial Snow Removal in New York using the Boss Snowrator
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The BOSS SNOWRATOR is a patented, right-size solution designed to make quick work of commercial snow- and ice- removal. It brings a maneuverable, multi-tasking, labor-saving solution to your fleet. Clear View Building Services is a top provider of commercial snow and ice removal.

The SNOWRATOR reduces the need for snow/ice shovelers which maximizes productivity and efficiency whether in the metro, commercial or residential environments. If you need clean and clear walking surfaces, contact Clearview Building Services.

BOSS-Designed 4′ Hydraulic Snowplow Removes Snow & Ice in Commercial Environments:

  • 20″ polyethylene skin improves reliability and maximizes productivity in light and heavy snow.
  • 20-Gallon Anti-icing Brine System quickly and efficiently controls surface area ice.
  • Optional Exact Path 1.5 Cubic Foot Drop Spreader was designed exclusively for the Snowrator to distribute salt at the optimum width while reducing contact with the snow plow attachment system and minimizing damage to turf.

At Clearview Building Services, we strive to meet all of your commercial building maintenance needs professionally, affordably, and efficiently. Contact us today for a quote!


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